We love open source, and we use a lot of open source software. Wanting to be good citizens, we try to contribute back to the community where it makes sense. This doesn’t only help others, but also ourselves in improving code quality. And that’s fully in-line with our mission to improve sustainability.


When Who What Where
2024-03-15 wvengen Fix deletion of files from storage browsertrix-cloud#1600
2024-02-29 BoudwijnZwart Use more up-to-date source data fake-useragent#290
2023-11-15 wvengen Better support for Active Storage rails_admin#3656
2023-10-24 wvengen Release scrapyd for Kubernetes scrapyd-k8s
2023-06-15 wvengen Allow configuring dedup policy browsertrix-crawler#332
2023-01-31 wvengen Release ReplayWeb.page Docker image replayweb.page-docker
2022-07-13 madhums Support Brave browser apparition#89
2022-10-07 Narnach Release QM barcodes gem questionmark-barcodes
2022-06-23 Narnach Support custom GTINs barcodevalidation#29
2022-06-15 madhums Fix testing with jest 28 expo#17874
2022-03-10 Narnach Re-expose #custom_gtin barcodevalidation#28
2021-09-10 wvengen Release Metabase materialization app metabase-matview
2021-06-07 wvengen Release Nutri-Score computation gem nutriscore-ruby
2020-03-17 wvengen Release fish details parser food-fish-parser-ruby
2019-06-24 wvengen Return to original page after login brightcontent#57
2019-05-04 s-andringa Release tiered category expressions tiered_category_expressions
2018-08-09 wvengen Release food ingredient list parser food-ingredient-parser-ruby
2018-07-19 wvengen Release source code of our mobile app questionmark-app
2018-07-16 wvengen Catch navigation before it happens cordova-plugin-inappbrowser#276
2018-07-06 wvengen Release small app framework cordova-web-wrap
2018-07-03 wvengen Add iOS support for AllowedSchemes cordova-plugin-inappbrowser#274
2018-03-07 s-andringa Make sorting optional sortable_tree_rails#10
2017-12-20 wvengen Add full-width layout brightcontent#54
2017-10-02 wvengen Release simple Keras production setup keras-api
2017-06-30 wvengen Publish Tensorflow build tensorflow-community-wheels#26
2017-05-22 wvengen Version upgrade liblinear-ruby#7
2017-03-08 wvengen Hyperlinks for urls and emails metabase#4503
2017-03-08 wvengen Fix Docker build metabase#4508
2017-02-14 wvengen Release classification evaluation app mlc-eval
2017-02-06 wvengen Release tokens gem tokkens-ruby
2017-01-11 wvengen Fix exception linefit#4
2016-10-14 wvengen Fix react-bootstrap tooltips in IE dom-helpers#12
2016-09-27 madhums Allow setting people property once rn-redux-mixpanel#14
2016-09-14 martijnbleeker Fix feature specs embedly-ruby#33
2016-08-24 s-andringa Release rack cache monitor gem rack-cache-monitor
2016-08-04 madhums Address deprecation issue react-native-awesome-button#14
2016-06-30 s-andringa Improve environment handling bugsnag-ruby#310
2016-06-30 s-andringa Que integration for Bugsnag bugsnag-ruby#305
2016-06-14 wvengen Add (de-)serialization options redux-api#86
2016-06-06 martijnbleeker Add pagination size buttons brightcontent#43
2016-06-01 wvengen Expand phantomjs settings phantom-render-stream#98
2016-04-14 wvengen Image recognition experiment rabbiteye-exp
2015-12-30 wvengen Improve error message react-native#5022
2015-12-09 wvengen Release react-native Android component react-native-simplemenu-android
2015-09-19 wvengen Que integration for Appsignal appsignal#70
2015-09-15 wvengen Release middleware for rendering svg express-middleware-rsvg
2015-09-10 wvengen Release Sankey chart component d3.chart.sankey
2015-09-03 wvengen Fix chart on IE9 d3.chart.layout.hierarchy#12
2015-08-29 por Fix react-native-db-models#1
2015-06-19 wvengen Release dashboard app questionmark-dash
2015-04-07 wvengen Fix compatibility with Scrapy versions scrapy-history-middleware#4
2015-03-20 wvengen Add priorities for ActiveJob rails#19425
2015-03-16 por Upgrade Backbone rendr#434
2015-02-21 wvengen Release scrapyd client gem rest-scrapyd
2015-01-21 wvengen Add array query test rendr#423
2015-01-19 s-andringa Add custom filter options brightcontent#35, #37, #39, #40
2015-01-14 wvengen Add forgotten require rendr-handlebars#34
2015-01-08 s-andringa Fix dependency brightcontent#34
2014-11-14 wvengen Release API for supermarket webshops shopscraper-api
2014-10-23 wvengen Make gem work again with updated API SyndicatePlusAPI-ruby#1